A Little Too Much Meat on the Bone Maybe


OK this topic has been open for 27 days. You have had all the time you need to ask as many questions as you desired. I am going to suggest that perhaps you left a little meat on the bone here. I am not doing this to tease or mock you, but to suggest that I am trying to layer in some foreshadowing in these expositions (or at least I am trying to. Perhaps I am not doing a good enough job at leaving behind bread crumbs for you to follow.) But here are some of the follow up questions, that you might have considered asking:

Even before the fight started, Topper had mentioned that Cragger Kench and Fat Norry knew the secret phrase. I provided all the names for you just in case you would make an effort to keep the secret keepers alive but you damn near focus fired Cragger Kench in the first few attacks. Making an effort to keep either Kressle, Norry or Kench alive would have given you the phrase Topper mentioned but it seemed to me that Norry ended up alive out of happenstance not strategy.

Topper called Kressle “a bitch” and the Stag Lord “a monster.” Jeb surrendered after Kressle went down and only continued to fight because he felt certain he would get hung. Jeb just said he “wouldn’t care if he (the Stag Lord) dropped dead tomorrow.” Topper said the Stag Lord crushed a man’s fist and that Kressle beat a man to death for falling asleep on a watch. Maybe some of the bandits aren’t completely here by choice. Perhaps, the bandits have a morale problem and only the leaders need to get taken out. Does the Stag Lord have a rival that might be interested in fighting him? Or are there bandits like Jeb that wouldn’t mind seeing him dead that might join us in fighting him?

Jeb said that there “are at least a dozen who live there permanently.” You didn’t ask about those guys at all? Who are they? Are some Lieutenants? What are their capabilities? Do any of them hate the Stag Lord?

Jeb said he recognized the raiment of a Paladin of Erastil. How does he know that? Does he know a Paladin of Erastil?

Jeb said “To approach the fort from any other direction and you will go through the haunted graveyard. That way is certain death.” What is a haunted graveyard? Why is it haunted? What haunts it? Why is it certain death?

Tartuk has met with the Stag Lord. You didn’t ask anything about Tartuk and the Stag Lord or if they know anything about Tartuk and his relationship with the bandits.

And you didn’t ask any of the bandits if they knew what might have happened to Svetlana’s ring Quests

I am only offering this because we have 5 more modules after this, and I intend to try and layer in hints at things that you could ask that will provide information about upcoming events and encounters. And no, you can’t ask the bandits any of these questions now. ;)


If the bandits join us certainly there will be much time to talk around the campfire – ha!


While you might gather around the campfire, you would mostly hear crickets!


Oh and this was just what questions you might have asked the bandits. You have all forgotten the treasure map you found after you defeated the Spider.


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