Chief Sootscale

Moonday, Pharast 14, 4711

(GM Note: In order to facilitate the story line here, I am going to detail several quick encounters and include the phrase “Party may interrupt here.” If there are questions you want/need to ask, actions you want to take, spells to cast, etc. You may roll back any of the following events to the "Party may interrupt here” point and we can carry out your actions.)

Nakpik proudly escorts the fully armed PCs into the cave. An alcove to the west (of Y1) contains a locked iron gate. The stick cage contains a single, sobbing mite—his eyes squinted tightly shut against the light during the day. The wretched creature is the only prisoner the kobolds have managed to take alive, and they’ve placed him here as a warning to any mites that might approach.

(Party may interrupt here)

In the area beyond, three rope nooses hang from holes in the ceiling above rusty iron hooks set in the door. When pulled down and looped on the hooks below, these ropes seal shut the three pit traps that guard the entrance. Both Mikmek and Natpik take care to show the PCs around the pits to the south as he escorts them (three shadowed squares south of Y1).

Turning west, the party’s larger members must start to squeeze through certain passages. Three kobolds in this area (Y2) start with alarm but then realize Nakpik and Mikmek are escorting the PCs and so curious, begin to trail the group as it continues deeper into the Kobold lair.

(Party may interrupt here)

Curving back east, the party enters a larger cavern (Y3) which might pass for a Temple. The walls of this cave have been smeared with what appears to be charcoal and blood to depict multiple representations in red and black of a looming, sharp-toothed reptilian devil. Two low stone tables sit in the middle of the room, one of which is stained with blood. The cleaner of the two stone tables is normally used to display the statue of Old Sharptooth. Four more kobolds join the curious and travel in the party’s wake.

(Party may interrupt here. With Nakpik and Mikmek leading, there are now 7 kobolds behind the party)

Continuing east, the group enters and even larger cavern. The air in this large cave feels warm and close, thick with a reptilian stink mixed with smoke and burnt meat. Numerous beds of furs lie scattered throughout the room amid smoldering cookfires, while to the south, a ten-foot-wide alcove contains a large mound of furs framed by dozens of sticks on which are mounted the skulls of many birds and small animals, all smeared with ash.

This room contains another 6 Kobolds and the Chief himself, Sootscale. Initially aggressive, Sootscale, like the others calms down when he sees they are escorted by Mikmek and Nakpik. As soon as he sees the statue, his eyes shine with excitement and he demands that Mikmek hand it to him. Mikmek begins to advance towards Sootscale, pauses, and looks back at Anod.

(Party may interrupt here)


Chief Sootscale



Anod should not be the one responding here but rather Brixton our higher CHA player.

I suggest something like…

“We are warriors from Restov and have heard of the strength of the Sootscale kobolds. When we had the chance to strike down the mites and recover Sharptooth we leaped at it. We now return this artifact to its true home and to the true chieftain of this tribe Sootscale. We hope that with this gift we can move forwards as friends and neighbors.”

SOmething along that line.

Chief Sootscale

Brixton, you better watch your job. Rain Man got skillz.

Chief Sootscale

Back in Y3. Momo turns to MikMek and asks what is sacrificed here by Tartuk? I am assuming Tartuk sacrifices creatures – maybe even Kobolds. Depending upon answer Momo will likely act aghast and shocked. Goal here is to make the kobolds feel they have been mistreated and incur anger against Tartuk.

Agree with Brixton’s (err…. Anod’s) speech above in Y4.

Chief Sootscale

Couple of notes:

1. Humidity has gone up, air quality has gone down, and I did some cleaning (bleach, Pine-Sol, etc.) which all conspired to wreak havoc on my asthma. So I have been out of commission for a while. Today is just as bad from a heat/humidity perspective but I feel pretty good today.

2. Mark, By the time you asked the questions in the other Post, this one had already started.

3. I think it appropriate that we take a cue from our fearless leader, so let’s go around the room and have everyone tell me how great I am. Talk slow and remember no amount of adulation is too much and no adjective can be overused.

4. Regarding the sacrifices in the Temple. If you ask the question, “Who or what is sacrificed here?” The Kobolds look at each other nervously.

Mikmek finally says, “Old Sharptooth is greater than Apsu. Sharptooth is the source of all magic. If we don’t obey Sharptooth, we are cursed.”

Nakpik says, “Sharptooth speaks to Tartuk and Tartuk tells Chief Sootscale what Sharptooth wishes.”

Mikmek adds, “Sharptooth knows what is in the heart of all Kobolds and tells Tartuk who does not believe. Those Kobolds are sacrificed to Sharptooth to prove Sharptooth is real.”

Nakpik finally says, “If you don’t follow Sharptooth’s commands, Kobolds are cursed. Their scales turn yellow and they die.”

Mikmek proudly states, “With Sharptooth back, the Curse will be lifted and our tribe saved.”

Chief Sootscale

We will see if Momo has any more comments in Temple area before resolving Anod’s cool speech and what the Chief does when he gets the statue.

Chief Sootscale

Is it my turn going around the table? Oh Fafrac, exalted leader and weaver of tales, never have I adored the orange complexion of a GM more….yada yada….

Momo to Mikmek and group in Y3. Look within Mikmek. Do you think Sharptooth or the Chief wants kobolds sacrificed? Tartuk does not represent the clan. He is evil. He is using the clan for his own purposes. You have not been able to stand up to his spells before. We are here to help. We have our own mighty spellcaster. We are here to help the clan overthrow Tartuk. We want peace in these lands. Stand together now, NOW, and we can make this happen. We must convince the Chief together. Are you with us?

Chief Sootscale

You have scared the sh*t out of the Kobolds. They look about nervously. Some cover their ears. Mikmek and Nakpik rush towards you to try and cover your mouth or mime gestures that you interpret as “quiet down.”

Some of the kobolds whisper “We are currssed.”

Some of the kobolds turn and flee the room.

Mikmek says, “Sharptooth hears everything. Tells Tartuk. We will all be cursed. Tartuk will kill you if he hears such things!”

You don’t get the impression that he disagrees. Rather he is trying to protect you. He clearly doesn’t believe Tartuk can be defeated.

Chief Sootscale

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