Jhod Kavken

Moonday, Pharast 7, 4711

Brixton makes an impassioned speech to the bandits to renounce their past lives, swear never to terrorize people again in exchange for an offer to live in the new kingdom that is coming. Kressle remains unconscious so you will have to make a Diplomacy check for her when she wakes up.

The bandits begin as “Indifferent” which gives you a DC check of 15 plus their CHA modifier (+0). Brixton rolls a 19 with a +6 modifier for a total of 25.


For every 5 by which your check result exceeds the DC, the character’s attitude towards you increase by one step. With a 25, the bandit’s attitude increases two steps from “Indifferent” to “Helpful.” Helpful is the highest result. Regrettably, I could not find out anything that defines what “Helpful” means (Will get the firewood? Will loan you money? Will fight for you? Will hurl themselves in front of a fireball for you? Etc.).

But it would appear that the Paladin has at least for now, converted the bandits away from being a threat to Oleg’s (though Kressle hasn’t changed at all yet and will require a later roll).

The party spends the night at the Thorn River Crossing and finishes loading up the wagon for a departure the next day. Fat Norry drives the wagon with a wounded Anod and an unconscious Kressle riding in the wagon. Though Momo is also wounded he feels honor bound to help Brixton and Cornath manage the prisoners? Guests? Ex-bandits? Prudence demands caution and you agree that you all can’t sleep and trust Jeb or Falgrim with the watch.

Since you don’t need to explore, you can head directly to Oleg’s and arrive late in the afternoon of Moonday, Pharast 7, 4711. As you ride up the hill towards the approach to Oleg’s gate, you see that Kesten Garess and his men have been busy. The gate has a brand new reinforced door which will close securely and has only to be painted to match the décor of the rest of the fort.

You see two of Kesten’s men marching slowly to each of the watchtowers scanning the horizon for possible threats. As you get closer, you see that your arrival has already been announced inside Oleg’s. Oleg walks outside to await your return. As he waits, you see another man walk up beside him who appears to also want to meet you.


As you get closer, Brixton immediately recognize the raiment of a Cleric of Erastil. The stranger sees blood on Momo’s clothing and realizes that Anod and Kressle are in the wagon also wounded and immediately strides forward to help with your wounds. He introduces himself as Jhod Kavken and within 15 minutes has Anod, Momo, and Kressle back to full (Cure Moderate Wounds heals 2d8+1/level).

Kressle is bound in the stables and tents are laid out for the rest of the bandits. Svetlana has already started cooking for all of you and within an hour has a small feast of boarflesh with honey and peppers, fermented mare’s milk, Pitaxian wine, fruits and sweetgrass stew, thick black sausages, and dwarven blood pie. During dinner, Jhod approaches the party and says, “When you are rested, I would like to speak with you.”

Alec, will you recalculate the spoils.

Do the bandits get to keep their armor? Weapons? Horses? Any coin? That will effect your total gold haul.
The furs were stolen from Oleg’s. Do you return these or sell them?
The alcohol and Green Liquor appear to be useful for sneaking in to the Stag Lord’s fort so I assume you choose not to sell those (yet anyway).
I am assuming no one objects to Anod getting the Cure Light Wounds potion.
The Rations x150 go into the general pool that you are using to feed yourself.

So the party gets 321 silver, 90 gold, silver earrings worth 150 gold, a wooden music box worth 90 gold, minus whatever they decide to give the bandits.

Do you have any questions for Oleg? Svetlana? Kesten Garess? Jhod Kavken?

Decide what areas you would like to explore next.

Cornath invites Jhod over to chat. “Who are you?" Cornath asks.

Jhod looks at the diminutive Ranger and after a pause says, “I am a traveling cleric and hunter who heard of the exploration charter and would like to offer my help."

Cornath looks at the symbols on his robe and says, “Are you a cleric of Erastil?”

Jhod looks saddened, “In truth, I have been all been all but excommunicated from the priesthood. I helped form a lynch mob against a traveler when several people in my home village thought he was a werewolf responsible for several recent killings. Only a few hours after we lynched the man, the true killer was caught by a hunter and revealed to be nothing more sinister than a particularly wily worg. An investigation by the church of Erastil followed, and they found my involvement in the village’s overly aggressive pursuit of the traveler’s lynching to be objectionable.”

“I couldn’t believe I had been so wrong. I spent so much time trying to solve the mystery of these murders that I failed my community by simply wanting him to be guilty. I searched the man’s belongings and went through the items in his room and on his horse and discovered that he was actually a bandit spy sent to reconnoiter the town. So while my suspicions of him turned out to represent a threat, just not the one I presumed, the church elders decided that I be exiled instead of excommunicated.

“And so I traveled from my home in Galt up the Sellen and into Numeria. From there, my wanderings eventually brought me east into Brevoy. I prayed daily to Erastil hoping he would accept my apologies and trust my faith. One night I had a particularly vivid dream about an overgrown Temple of Erastil guarded by a huge, angry bear. Upon waking from my dream, I felt an irresistible tug to the south, and realized that Erastil had given me a chance to redeem myself.”

“My spells were restored and this . . . ‘tugging’ . . . I truly don’t know what to call it, it led me to Oleg’s Trading Post, but here it has stopped. In my travels I have heard rumors of lost temples to Erastil in the Stolen Lands. I spoke at length with Svetlana and your prowess against the bandits and your mission to charter a new kingdom . . . and I think I am supposed to be a part of it or perhaps maybe I will learn more when I find this temple.”

“I would ask you to please keep an eye out for anything of that nature — an old temple guarded by an angry bear. My destiny and this temple are closely matched.”

Cornath asks, “Do you have any affiliation to Kesten and his men?”

Jhod replies, “No, I met him two days ago.”


GM Note: Answering Brixton’s question OOC. If you re-read Jhod’s description:

“And so I traveled from my home in Galt up the Sellen and into Numeria. From there, my wanderings eventually brought me east into Brevoy.”

“Upon waking from my dream, I felt an irresistible tug to the south, . . .”

He entered Brevoy while traveling east. Then his vision led him south to Oleg’s and he arrived two days ago. If you look at the map in the Guide to the River Kingdoms (p. 2) you will see three major river routes: the Sellen, the East Sellen and the West Sellen.


So Jhod would have missed all of the Stolen Lands from Galt and traveling north up the center route of the Sellen River, into Numeria and then East into Brevoy.

As a side note, if you look at the East Sellen you will see it splits in two at Mivon. The eastern branch of that split terminates in Tuskwater Lake. From the Tuskwater, the Shrike River heads northwest to the South Rostland Road and is the river that you see in Restov. So securing a safe passage through that waterway would be financially lucrative for your Kingdom.


I think Brixton should tell Kressle what happened. If she still doesn’t go along and become “helpful” then try to persuade her.

Question for Jhod
Who are you?
Where did you come from?
Why are you here?
Do you have any affiliation to Kesten and his men?
Are you a cleric of Erastil? If not then where did you get those clothes?

Jhod Kavken

GM Note: I am falling behind on my NPC character sheets. I will try and get to that soon. I started Kesten but didn’t finish. Jhod needs one. Now all these Bandits and the Kobolds. Sorry about that.

Jhod Kavken

I am also on a quest for Erastil and I would be honored to help you on yours. I’m sure your healing powers will prove very useful in the coming days. You said you were a hunter and have traveled a long way have you encountered anything strange or of interest during your time traveling here?

Jhod Kavken

What spells do you know?
Do you have any coins to support yourself?
Do you have a horse to ride on?
And I suppose you are interested in joining our group?

in earshot to Brixton, Anod, and Momo
Guys what do you think? I think he’s legit. But maybe we should have him pledge his allegiance to us or something?

Jhod Kavken

GM Note: Meta-OOC type talk again. The Cleric class knows all spells, they have to choose which ones they want on any given day. His character card shows what he has chosen if you would like to look, but for all intents and purposes, given enough time to memorize, he knows all Cleric spells. Also, Clerics can dump any known spell for a “Cure” spell at will.

He does have enough coins to support himself and is not asking for financial aid. However, it is considered common to pay for healing under normal circumstances, so if you were to offer him coins, I suppose that would help build a relationship.

He does have a horse and now that I actually built him as an actual Pathfinder Cleric, he also has a Roc as an animal companion. But he can’t take Boon Companion until he reaches 5th level so the Roc is still a 1st level mob.

However, like Kesten, he is designed to provide the group something that they might not otherwise have. Kesten is here so the group doesn’t feel a need to guard Oleg’s while they go out exploring. Jhod is here to provide healing if the group composition doesn’t have innate healing. Bokken provides access to potions if you wish to spend money on them. Without Jhod, Momo would have been recovering for the next 7 days of game time. With Jhod, you can leave tomorrow if you like. You now have the knowledge that as long as you are able to retreat back to Oleg’s, you can recover.

So he is not in fact, a 5th member of the party per se. He might become the High Cleric of your soon to be kingdom if you need that role filled.

Jhod Kavken

Thank you Jhod Kavken for the healing. You are truly a blessed man with many useful skills. (Momo gives him 3 gold coins for the future church of Erastil in the area). Thank you again.

We will keep an eye out for the ancient temple and angry bear. In the meantime we have bandits to deal with including their leader the so called Stag Lord. Will you accompany us on our mission to rid this area of their influence and establish control over these lands?

Also, we have kobolds and a sorcerer to take care of as well. So much to do, so many bad guys to trash, and so little time!

To Oleg – please look through the goods we claimed from the bandits. Anything that was yours please take back.

To Kesten – any news or visitors while we were away? You have been busy. Your efforts here at Oleg’s are appreciated.

OOC – back to the bandits. Take them with us or let them go? If we go after the kobolds and the sorcerer we can ask if they want to join. That is “removed” from the influence of the bandits. I do not want to take them with us to engage the Stag Lord.


Jhod Kavken

“Will you accompany us on our mission to rid this area of their influence and establish control over these lands?”

Again, this is a meta question. The events and encounters are designed for 4 characters. Even if it would make perfect sense for Jhod to come with you, he would need to “watch the horses” or “hurry and get help” or whatever. He won’t be casting Shield of Faith and then engaging the Stag Lord.

He will cast a Cure upon your return however.

Same thing with the Bandits. If they come, I would add a dozen loyal Kobolds to Tartuk’s gang and the “extra bandits” would engage the “extra Kobolds” in a knock down fight that would wrap up seconds after you finished the original encounter.

Jhod Kavken

GM Note:

The Furs were Oleg’s as mentioned in the original post.

Kesten says there were a few furriers that showed up for trade but have left. Jhod Kevken is the only visitor of note since you left.

Jhod Kavken

/ooc If we go after the kobolds and the sorcerer we can ask if they want to join. That is “removed” from the influence of the bandits. I do not want to take them with us to engage the Stag Lord.
Can you elaborate on that? I’m not quite sure what you’re saying with the removed from influence part.

Jhod Kavken

GM Note:

I think what he means is if you take the Bandits with you to the Stag Lord, they might be influenced by the other Bandits to turn on the party and attack you guys.

If the bandits attack the Mites or Kobolds, they wouldn’t be under any undue influence from the bandit leadership.

Jhod Kavken

/ooc I see your concern bringing them may not be a good idea. We can bring them with us to deal with the mights and or kobolds. Should we offer Kressle the same deal that we gave the rest of the bandits or should she be punished more for being a leader and by all accounts a pretty brutal one.

Jhod Kavken

GM Note:

Alec will be out of town all week at conferences so will at best be limited in what he can add this week. So just like when Mark left, two votes of three will now lead the party. So Brixton, Cornath, and Momo need to lead the way for the next week.

Anod’s suggestion was to go after the Mites next, then Tartuk so as to gain experience points so you hit the Stag Lord at at least 2nd level.

Brixton said, “We can bring them with us to deal with the mites and/or kobolds.”

Guys, I have been trying to point this out but I am not conveying it adequately. Whether you bring the bandits or not, it will not change the story one bit. I know it sounds like a good idea. If the Mites were expecting the four of us, then if we show up with 10 guys, we will overwhelm them!!

The encounters are designed to be a modest to reasonable challenge for four pathfinder characters. The way you defeat these encounters is to maximize your character or your tactics in handling these challenges.

So if you go by yourselves, you will encounter the event as written.

If you bring 10 bandits with you, I will simply invent a large war party of Mites that attack you as you approach their lair. Jeb will shout out, “We will handle this group, you four go inside!” The extra bandits will be fed to the extraneous war party and you four will go inside the lair . . .

and face the encounter exactly as written.

Now where they can be useful is to add to or enhance the storyline.

Pay them x gold per week to serve in Kesten’s Guard.
Pay them x gold per week to assist Bokken with his garden.
Pay them x gold per week to build a larger compound as Oleg’s is likely to grow.
Grant them y gold up front to build each of them a small home near Oleg’s so they can start their own farms and maybe raise a family as Oleg’s converts from a Trading Post to a small village.
Pay them x gold per week to harvest Moon Radishes and deliver them to Bokken and the Kobolds.
Pay them x gold per week to haul your loot from Oleg’s to Restov and back so you can convert your stuff into gold faster.
Pick one of the offices needed in the new Kingdom and ask one of them if they would like to go to a University in Restov to acquire skills needed to help build your Kingdom. Allow one or more of them to become a useful and needed NPC.

Use them to further storylines that each of you has begun.

Momo might hire one to investigate his father’s murder.
Cornath could hire one to seek out any information regarding his brother or the friend that got separated when he escaped.
Brixton might hire one to spy on Hannis Drelev or learn more about the Vanishing.

These types of things add to and enhance the story. In a few weeks, I could have one of them come back and plant the seed for finding Cornath’s brother or we would learn more about Brixton’s nobility.

This would be a productive use for this type of NPC.

But it seems like you are trying to use them as a blunt force instrument to use as an “I win” button. If you would like them to come with you to the Mite’s lair, they will come. But they will somehow, magically, get distracted or separated from you four at the crucial moment . . . leaving you four (e.g., the heroes of our story) to deal with the BBEG (Big Bad Evil Guy).

Jhod Kavken

/OOC I see what you’re saying Duncan. I think the problem is that this is basically Brandon’s and my first real RPG. So I think that we aren’t really completely into the RPG mindset, we’re just trying to kill everything.

Okay so still /OOC, guys I think the stag lord is the biggest threat. After all, we were sent here to clear them from the area. So I agree with Anod (even though it doesn’t matter at the moment) that we should try to get to level 2 or at least gain some EXP first. On the subject of the bandits, I think we should give them each some gold so they can build a house and start a farm. Maybe harvest some Moon Radishes and give some to Bokken and the Kobolds? Kill 2 birds with one stone there. Maybe even try to get one of them a job at Oleg’s and start expanding Oleg’s / building a barrier around it or something. Okay so with that said, I think we should go help the kobolds and level up

Jhod Kavken

GM Note:

OK everyone has said, go get the Mites and then Tartuk. So that has been established. I just need someone to give me the designated hexes you will travel through and which ones you will spend time exploring. So for example, you have explored L09 and K09. So you can rapid travel through one of those but do you want to try L08 or K08 next? Or do you want to blow by L08/K08 and start exploring a hex further south? If you don’t “explore” a hex you auto miss whatever encounter is there.

How many rations do you bring? If you don’t say anything different, you will have what’s on your character card so Momo can only go 2 days out and 2 days back.

Take a look at the map. You will see the Thorn and the Shrike Rivers. To get south of those rivers you have to find a crossing. To date, the only crossing you know of is at the Thorn River Camp (astute readers will have already learned of a 2nd one and which hex it is in).

Finally, I am going to invoke reality here. You have now been adventuring for 13 straight days. You characters need a little rest. So we will use this time to train the Bandits into something useful. Please read the Adventure Post Downtime and Bandits and let’s choose a path for the 5 bandits to go down and let’s spend 2 – 4 days training them up. But you guys need to decide what they are to become and what skills or gold you will use to generate the units needed.

Think about it. In addition to needing rest. If you showed up with 5 Bandits (6 counting Kressle) some of which might have attacked Kesten and his men a few days ago, you can’t just dump them on Kesten, Svetlana, and Oleg late on Moonday and leave first thing on Toilday.

So the party will take some time to rest and train the bandits to become productive <somethings>.

You each have 75 gold credit with Oleg from your previous encounters. So with the haul you just received, each of you now has access to 240 gold. So you can afford to train these guys with pure gold if you want. Since you do need to rest, you might as well use skill checks and save your money.

Jhod Kavken

Your character cards now have your updated gold amounts on them.

BTW, there is a small chance Devin wants to play. He has flirted with it before but has now started describing what character he wants to play. So we may add a 5th character. I think part of this is because he is going away and he is starting to realize what it is like for his friends to go away (e.g., Brandon is now at St. Johns and no longer comes over here to play).

So we may be getting a Rogue/Ninja/Bard. Something stealthy he is thinking.

Jhod Kavken

/OOC Okay that’s awesome if Devin joins. I have to look at the map to see what we should explore. But I still think that we should try to turn these bandits into farmers, and perhaps try to persuade Oleg to have one work for him. I’ll put some of my gold towards training these noobs. (The amount of gold will be decided later depending if anyone else wants to help train them)

Jhod Kavken

GM Note:

“Farmers” isn’t an option. You can choose:

Acolytes (leading to Sage or Priest)
Apprentice (leading to Mage)

Read Downtime and Bandits and Ultimate Campaign.

Devin will likely take over the Bandit named Jex the Snitch and become the party’s Bard.

Jhod Kavken

After we decide on what to do with Kressle and the rest of the bandits I suggest we search hexes M07, L07 and K07. The Kobolds said that the mites live under a sycamore tree northwest of their home which i assume is the silver mine. Bokken said that the silver mine is about 50 miles south of his home. Hexes M06, LO6, and K06 are all 48 miles away from away from the mud hut. So there’s a good chance the tree is in one of the three hexes Northwest of them. I say we start at M07 and move east until all three have been explored.

Jhod Kavken

I need a 2nd for Brixton’s plan. Bear in mind that this plan involves skipping over L08 and K08. Those hexes will go unexplored for now and you will auto miss any encounter there. You can come back at any point in the future however, so don’t feel like you are missing something.

Is there a 2nd party member that will OK Brixton’s suggestion?

Jhod Kavken

i second Brixton’s plan

Jhod Kavken

I would like to also explore L08. SInce we are already passing through I don’t see why we should skip it. Plus it’ll give us more exp in the long run.

Jhod Kavken

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