Old Sharptooth

Sunday, Pharast 13, 4711

With the Staff still giving off light, you take a moment to examine the room you are in. Rows of wooden pegs line the earthen walls, some hung with tiny, filthy cloaks. In the center of the room stands a rickety table held together with twine, covered with a filthy red-checked tablecloth and heaped with mounds of dirt and twigs and gravel, apparently arranged to form some sort of map. Sitting at the edge of the map, weighing down a scrap of paper, is a bloodstained ivory statuette of what looks like a crouching reptilian devil. A bulging burlap sack sits under the table.

This room serves both as a war room and the den of the mite leader Grabbles. He’s created a relatively accurate map of the hexes that contain their lair and the Sootscale tribe—the sycamore tree is represented by a tangle of branches, the Sootscale cave by a pile of bloodstained rocks. Cornath quickly recognizes the map for what it represents, at which point the character can easily find the entrance to the Sootscale caves (L6. And you won’t need to explore to find it. You can get there in a little over 4 hours.).

The ivory statuette depicts a crouching horned devil. This is the statue that was stolen from the Sootscale kobolds—to the kobolds, the statue is a sacred relic and the focal point of their worship (they worship the statue as a mighty, winged kobold named Old Sharptooth). The statue is nonmagical, but worth 250 gp for its craftsmanship.

The paper weighed down by the statuette is an accounting of the status of the war, as defined by key pieces of stolen treasure. Written in charcoal in Undercommon, the paper consists of two columns, one labeled “Us” and one labeled “Them.” The “Us” column lists only two things: “kobold statue” and “lots of spears and coins.” The “Them” column lists “magic dust,” “lots of coins” and “shiny human ring.”

The burlap sack contains the mites’ treasure, much of which has been looted from slain kobolds. Within are 12 Small spears, 193 cp, 120 sp, and 32 gp.

The room labeled R6 is a damp room haphazardly cluttered with broken beds, chairs, wagon wheels, and an assortment of worn, tattered, dingy, and broken objects pilfered or salvaged from big folk. A row of bookcases stands crookedly propped against the far wall, the shelves filled with bits of bone, feathers, and dried centipede legs. Old window frames, cracked
and splintered, hang upon the wall like works of fine art.

The room labeled R2 has a wet-looking floor of this large cavern which is crisscrossed by several shallow trenches, each containing trickles of putrid- looking fluid. Six foul mounds of compost and dung lie heaped about the room, each studded with small spherical eggs. The eggs are centipede eggs and three centipedes remain in this room guarding their eggs. They are easily dispatched.

All the Mites have fled.

Mikmek at the site of the statue again falls to his knees and in a broken Common thanks, everyone in the party and promises “many treasures” if he may take the statue and return it to the Sootscales.

Anod takes stock of the situation and says, “Gentlemen, we have a problem. Our two warriors are severely wounded and need rest. My ankles are sprained at a minimum and my mobility is reduced (20 feet movement). We are at least 16 hours away from Olegs and that is with all of us at full health. While we have explored much of this area, encountering a wandering monster in our current state might prove deadly.”

Mikmek says in Draconic, “Tartuk powerful sorcerer. Can heal you. Make you feel better.”

Momo asks aloud, “Can we trust Tartuk?”

Brixton answers, “The more important question is, can we fight Tartuk if we have to.”

Cornath cheerily adds, “My sling still works.”


“We don’t have much choice in the matter. Besides Mikmek came to my aid when the tick grabbed me. If he wanted to ambush us he would have let me die before taking us to his home.”

Old Sharptooth

“We have healing to recover from our injuries. I say we take the statue to the Chief of the Sootscales not Tartuk. If we can replace Tartuck, who seemed unpopular based on the info from the 4 kobolds, we might make a peaceful agreement with the kobolds.”

“Let us rest one more night and then head to the kobolds. With fresh spells and potentially allied kobolds we should be able to oust Tartuk. Then return to Oleg for some well deserved rest.”

Old Sharptooth

Fellow comrades,

First thank you for saving my backside against that centipede. Really thought that might be it….when that poison hit my blood stream it was like a line of fire moving through my body. By myself I was done….thanks for saving my life.

Momo collect the whip like tendrils from the beast….also, unless Anod objects for some magical spell component reason, I destroy the centipede eggs.

Old Sharptooth

Momo reflects on Tartuk:

1. He sacrifices kobolds (thus rate him as evil).

2. Has the ability to cast a “curse” which causes cursed to turn yellow and possibly die. Chief narrowly avoided death from Tartuk’s curse.
3. Tartuk wants to take over for chief.
4. Tartuk talks with demons – most likely the Stag Lord.
5. Tartuk is a step to the Stag Lord – likely our prime antagonist in the Stolen Lands.
6. Tartuk has raven called Tickbiter who will be doing reconnaissance. Suggest we try and catch kill raven before we engage Tartuk. Perhaps we set a trap?

Tartuk must be dispatched. Momo is in no condition to engage at the moment. I need some serious rest or cure spells.

Old Sharptooth

Momo requires the below:

You will need either a Cure Disease spell or a Lesser Restoration spell to remove this effect. Alternatively, eight hours of normal rest restores 1 point to each ability score that has been damaged. Twenty-four (24) hours of complete rest restores 2 points to each ability score that has been damaged. So you either need 6 days to recover while still getting normal rest or you need to take 3 days off and do nothing

Anyone have access to Cure Disease?

Old Sharptooth

Lesser Restoration is a 2nd level alchemist, cleric/oracle, druid, inquisitor, paladin, and shaman spell. So later Brixton will gain access to it, but not yet.

Remove Disease is a 3rd Level alchemist, cleric/oracle, inquisitor, druid, ranger, and witch spell. Cornath is not quite there yet.

You may recall that there is a Cleric at Olegs by the name of Jhod Kevken. He is a 4th level Cleric and capable of casting Lesser Restoration.

Old Sharptooth

Looking for consensus. Brixton said “we don’t have much of a choice” but I am not sure which direction that means. Anod wanted to rest one night and then go to Tartuk. Momo needed “some serious rest” but don’t know if that means here, at Olegs or after Tartuk.

What’s the plan Stan?

Old Sharptooth

Momo suggests we go to Oleg’s to get cured and rest. Bring Mikmek and the statue. Once healed go direct to Chief and have it out with Tartuk.

Old Sharptooth

Cornath agrees with Anod
“We all could use some rest, especially Momo. Lets get the rest of the Kobolds with us, then approach Tartuk. If things go south, we can overpower him”

Old Sharptooth

What is peoples stat damage at this time?

How points are people down?

Old Sharptooth

Momo is at 9 of his 22 hitpoints. His DEX is currently 12 from a normal of 18. Momo uses DEX to hit and damage so he is now at + 1 / + 1 instead of + 4 / + 4 and he loses 3 points of AC.

Brixton is at 8 of his 20 hit points. Normally he would have 22 hitpoints but his CON has been reduced to 10 (from 13). Similarly, his STR is 15 from 18. One night of rest will get his STR to 16 which is + 3 / + 3, still fairly close to + 4 / + 4.

Anod and Cornath still have (one each) a Potion: Cure Light Wounds. Momo drank both of his. Cornath has a Wand of CLW with 38 charges remaining.

Momo wants to return to Olegs.
Anod wants to go to the Kobold Lair.

Cornath. Your suggestion of “let’s get the rest of the Kobolds with us, then approach Tartuk” is unclear. Both the Kobolds and Tartuk reside at the same place (an old abandoned Tardan Silver Mine about 4 hours south of you). So you would have to figure out a way to talk to the kobolds without talking to Tartuk.

At some point, you guys might consider at least glancing at your character cards. There you might find that Anod has a Potion: Lesser Restoration which will fix one of you and Momo has a Potion: Cat’s Grace which will give him a + 4 DEX for a few minutes. So for at least one fight and maybe 2-3 fights, Momo should be in reasonable form if necessary.

Old Sharptooth

We have been resting in the wilderness for a few days now … Why is one more evening a problem?

With a resto potion Momo has a 50% to be down -1 Mod to Dex same as Brixton for Str … META-GAME WARNING …. we are 20 pt buy characters though hampered by Duncan weird no dump stat (All my heroes must be strangely average) … This does mean our stats start slightly higher than normal since typical APs are balanced for 15pt characters. Being 16 in your primary offensive stat is not exactly weak at this level.

We have plenty of charges to heal the party back up and with an evenings rest recover spells and 1 stat point. We would be down a -1 to hit and damage on the two main warriors not ideal but hardly worth a 72 hour delay.

Plus we have not gotten XP at least I did not see it … 800 from the centi with maybe 1200 from grumbles and tick plus 800 from the mites we are looking at 700ish from that fight. Not sure if the XP has been updated but that could mean we are close to leveling. IN any case I say we find a spot to rest for t he night and head on to the kobolds.

TO Mikmek – If we approached the den of your people and told them we have this statue. That we capture it and were commanded to return it to Sootscale(forgot actual chief’s name) the rightful chieftain could we gain audience with him or would Tartuk be made aware of us before we could approach the chief?

Old Sharptooth

Your experience point totals include the Mite Lair. I thought you would be 3rd but when I went to d20 site, apparently, you need 5K to make 3rd. I thought it was 4K. So you are now at 4,263 of the 5,000 you need. One more encounter or so should do it.

The Chief of the Sootscale Tribe is named Chief Sootscale, hence the Sootscale Tribe.

Mikmek —> Anod (Draconic) “All kobolds will know Sharptooth has returned! It will be shouted down every hallway and every room. But Chief will hear words first.”

Old Sharptooth

If we get to the chief and present him with the statue then we may just have to face Tartuk and a few loyal minions. I say we take a night to rest and recover. Use the Lesser resto potion to help Momo. And if everyone feel reasonably comfortable to proceed to the Kobold camp we do so … if not we return to Olegs to fully rest.

Old Sharptooth

Agree with Anod – let’s rest one more night and then proceed to return the statue as below:

“If we get to the chief and present him with the statue then we may just have to face Tartuk and a few loyal minions. I say we take a night to rest and recover. Use the Lesser resto potion to help Momo. And if everyone feel reasonably comfortable to proceed to the Kobold camp we do so”

Old Sharptooth

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